What Do You Do With A Chance?

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been about, hmmm, I’d say a year in a half, since I’ve been back from South Africa. It’s still a crazy thing to process. Along the way I got to work with 2 amazing and talented photographers, David and Danielle. I met the amazing team that spearheads Nourish, the non-profit that I was on assignment for, and I got to meet the fantastic future off our world, the students, which is what I want to focus on. 

Before I left for this assignment I purchased two children books that stood out to me, “What do you do with a chance?” And “What do you do with an idea?” Both are about journeys of chances/ideas coming to us but fear stepping in the way to lead you astray, but somewhere along the way you defeat everything standing in your way, bad things happen, yet you keep going, because those bad things are most likely what you are trying to fix.  Every young person that I encountered had there moment of questioning chances and ideas,  but they keep moving towards conquering them. 


This is Tebogo. She is one inspirational young woman. She took a chance in asking us for a donation to put towards better built bathrooms. She spoke of a story that children were falling into toilets and dying, and they wanted to do something to change that.

Students show off what they're getting ready to plant in their school garden.

Danielle lets one of the students see a portrait she captured.

I saw this student helping out with the babies. She stopped and posed for a perfect portrait of her.

These students are going to change the world one day. They’re going to invent ways to save the planet. They’re going to work towards equality, cure cancer, solve poverty, and more, not just because they have a valuable well rounded education, but because they continue to take chances and create amazing ideas. They’ve seen a lot and continue to see more, they understand that if they don’t try the world will continue to be an ugly place. 

This young man is amazing with a soccer ball.

Damari McBride