"Before I start I want to tell you that this is a random thought blog. It comes with no photographs, it's just a brain dump that I felt necessary for you all to see. This will be an interactive post though, so I invite you all to participate, whether it's in the comment section or an email, I would love to hear what you have to say..."

Artists, Have you ever had a day where you wake up with a random song stuck in your head that you just can't seem to shake? Did that song help lead to some eureka moment or help you to manifest an idea? Well, that's what happened to me today and I embraced it. I stopped what I was doing, pulled out my legal pad, and started to jot away at this idea, which was to create a blog post on dreams, well, not dreams, I don't too much like that word, let's say obtainable goals. 

While riding the train home I had all of these thoughts that led me to write down things that I wished to photograph and why. I wondered why the hell I was doing this or even thinking about any of it, but what if the universe was just telling to quit always questioning every thought that you have and just leave it to her. So I did, I created a list of 25 things that I wanted to photograph. Who knows what things are out there, you never know who's reading your post. Creativity is not a competition, we are a community, and communities lit each other up. Maybe this is what I am hoping to get out this, seeing how I can help get goals met. 

The List

1. I want to photograph people who have worked in the super secret parts of military branches and intelligence agencies. 

Why?: To understand why people put their life on the line for people they don't know.

2. I want to photograph Jaden and Willow Smith.

Why?: I'm genuinely interested in speaking philosophy with them and ask how experience has led them to their philosophical theories.

3. I want to photograph people that get on public transportation and play incredibly loud music as if no one is on the train. 

Why?: To really understand what goes through their mind. 

4. I want to photograph "political villains."

Why?: To find out their perspective on good.

5. I want to photograph a night with an Anti-Poaching Unit both male and female.

Why?: I want to feel what their life is like on duty.

6. I want to photograph the lifespan of a dollar for a week. 

Why?: I want to meet the people it reaches and here their stories. To some it could be pocket change, to some, it may be spending your last to have a beer. 

7. I want to photograph the West. 

Why?: To photograph the curiosity of people who ask "What's There?"

8. I want to photograph every single teacher I had growing up and to hear their stories about teaching. Then I want to photograph my friends who are teachers to hear their stories about teaching. 

Why?: To see if there is a contrast. 

9. I want to photograph the life/day of an air traffic controller.

Why?: I want to capture what true calmness in a person looks like. 

10. I want to photograph OG's from street gangs.

Why?: To educate people on what gangs were created for vs what they've become today.

11. I want to photograph the development of a jazz album. 

Why?: I'm curious as to how arrangements of different instruments work when it's someone else's album. 

12. I want to photograph an Iggy Pop concert. 

Why?: To find out what it's like to still have the essence of cool as you age. 

13. I want to photograph one-hit wonders.

Why?: To find out about why their one-hit was so successful.

14. I want to photograph people from different races, sex, and creeds, as David Bowie.

Why?: I feel that he was powerful enough to bring everyone together. 

15. I want to photograph a journey from Santa Monica to Malibu.

Why?: To see and hear the beauty. 

16. I want to photograph depression. 

Why?: So that more people would help with depression. A conversation goes a long way. 

17. I want to photograph a child as they photograph what they view their communities as.

Why?: I feel it would be a time for a world of reflection. 

18. I want to photograph what I'm afraid of. 

Why?: To see what getting over a fear looks like. 

19. I want to photograph the process of a mortician.

Why?: To see if we are cared for better than when we are living. At least we can say that we had one moment where we were treated with respect. 

20. I want to photograph the western states on Route 66 while "A Horse With No Name" plays on repeat. 

Why?: I love that song and I feel they have a connection. 

21. I want to photograph a journey on a cargo ship. 

Why?: Water goes through moods just like we do. The day affects the mood. I want to see what water is like when it's happy. 

22. I want to photograph Chef's that live off of the land. 

Why?: To show that there is peace in knowing how to live off of the land. 

23. I want to photograph Living Colour.

Why?: To see what their message over the years has done for them and their audience. 

24. I want to photograph a place with no internet.

Why?: To see what imagination looks like. 

25. I want to photograph African and South American fashion designers. 

Why?: I just don't hear much about them. 


What about you? What's something you want to document within your art medium and why? You don't have to create a long list, but think on it and maybe tell me one or two.