This Too Shall Pass: Words By Amber

A couple of weeks ago I met up with my friend Amber. I asked Amber if she was ok with meeting up to shoot and chat about her battle with depression. She was kind enough to say yes. It was a beautiful fall day on location in Prospect Park. We greeted each other with our usual jokes and eased right into a conversation about depression. I had so many questions, but Instead of having an interview I wanted her to tell me in her own words of what it feels like when depression strikes, and I wanted to capture her in the best light that I could. Here are Amber's words. 

"Getting out of bed, taking a shower, putting on clothes-all normal things one does everyday. When you have depression, the thought of doing one of those is unbearable. I feel overwhelmed the moment I wake up. Everything is too much to handle. My brain NEVER shuts up either. It's constantly telling me how awful I am and how the world would be better without me. I'm drowning in my own thoughts before the day even starts."