An assignment to my Students

For a couple of years I have been teaching an after school Photography class. My goal for those classes are usually so high that unless the universe intervenes, it is bound to fail. Well, the universe hasn't seemed to come together to help me, so as you can guess my goals have had to be edited just a bit. That's the funny thing with big goals, we know what's coming dependent on the surroundings we are in, but we set them anyway, because, well, you just never know what's going to happen. 

A major goal of mine for this class was to not only teach the students something, but for the students to ultimately teach me. Our major goal, patience. Patience can improve our minds and our eyes, giving us room to see the world around us in depth. So I tasked my students with capturing a story on a disposable camera for their spring break. It needed to be of someone or something they were close too. I wanted them to see people who were around them everyday in a different light. Through their photos, through teaching them to see, I would work on my patience. 

Here is one of the stories that helped me. From my student Charlotte. 

Charlotte's Words:

Hello, my name is Charlotte Bark. When I was an infant I was diagnosed with leukemia, of

course, I did not have leukemia, just a really bad doctor. I have a long bright future ahead of me, likely in

some boring career behind a desk, but hopefully with some splashes of action here and there.

My photographs depict my younger brother, a lively soon-to-be 9 year-old, making his way

through our neighborhood. After we both decided to dedicate ourselves to our educations, neither of us

have taken the leisurely strolls that had at one point been a constant in our lives. My brother finally

decided to leave the house and take a break from his dull life, so I decided to follow him down the streets

that we had once walked so regularly. It was a nice experience and am very satisfied with the photographs

that I took of him during this time.

Enjoy the slideshow below. 

Images taken on the Ilford Disposable camera.