Get To Know Me

A little bit about myself, the clients I serve, and what inspires me. 

Meet Damari...


My name is Damari...

and I am a portrait, editorial, and documentarian photographer/videographer living and working in one of the most creative cauldrons in the world, New York City. I'm influenced and inspired by the arts. 

What do I shoot

I capture stories. Stories impact everyone differently, and that's the phenomenal thing about them. I find the narrative in the moment whether it's the excitement and tension that a designer feels as they reveal their first fashion line or the power and hope of group of students in rural Johannesburg tackling the eradication of poverty across the globe. I am inspired by people's lives- why we do what we do.

Who are my clients?

My clients are dreamy, whimsical, creative people who have a sense of what they want and are ready to collaborate. There is nothing like working with people who love to create and allow you the freedom to be you. Clients are a big part of the team and the efforts to get that project from idea to reality. 

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A Short List of Clients