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Damari mcBride

Portrait Artist

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My name is Damari McBride. A native of Michigan living in New York perfecting my craft with the positive energy that this city gives off. I am a freelancer, art lover, and people person. When I’m not working on ideas you can find me creating and cooking recipes to serve to friends.

I am a portrait photographer accepting work both domestic and international. My focus is in the areas of Branding, Family, Commission work, Engagements, Weddings, and constantly expanding. If you have a project that you are ready to take on, contact me, I look forward to hearing about it and collaborating with you to bring your vision to life.


Damari brings art and photography together, capturing essence.

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Published Work

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" Damari, is the kind of creative artist we should be reading about and you should definitely be following his IG account. I've been working with Damari for a couple of years and he has brought out the best in me via his photography. His passion for producing images that tell a story is very honest and it is part of the reason, I continue to work with him. The other is because he is invested in continuing to perfect his craft, which keeps him pushing for authenticity."

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