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All Digital Packages Include:

Digital Portrait Experience

Digital Delivery

Exclusive Client Gallery

Print Release

1 Year Back Up

Virtual or In-person consultation

Operational Upgrade options


All analog packages include:

Film Portrait Experience

Cost of Film, Processing, and Editing

Hi-Resolution Scans

Digital Delivery

Exclusive Client Gallery

5 Year Back Up

Virtual or In-Person Consultation

Print (16x20)

Optional Upgrades

Optional Upgrades: (Prices vary for all options)

Studio- Studio is available upon request and dependent on availability.

Analog Photography- Film option can be added to digital packages.

Prints, Time addition, travel (domestic & international), and additional digital images.


Branding Portrait Experience

Packages starting at $399

Whether it’s branding for your website and social media, or you’re feeling at your best and in the mood to get some images done. Below are some of the packages that I’ve tailored to help you along your decision to book a shoot

Have a blog? An amazing lifestyle collection? A beginning model or actor? Together, we’ll develop a storyboard and photo strategy that strongly communicates your brand and identity. 

On-location options provide wonderful backdrops for photo shoots! They allow us to incorporate elements such as grit, character, personality, whimsy and playfulness. Let’s chat about what works best for your image and what you want to communicate. The possibilities are endless.

I absolutely love working with musicians to develop their album art and editorial brand for interviews, press releases, and more, That’s why this option is tailored just for you. We work together to make sure that your images encompass your vision/personality and that these captivating images rock as hard as you do!

Lindiwe Davis, Lifestyle Blogger & Digital Media Strategist

Lindiwe Davis, Lifestyle Blogger & Digital Media Strategist

Robert & Tali’s Wedding

Robert & Tali’s Wedding


Pre-Wedding/Wedding Experience

Packages starting at $650

Your images should capture your love as beautifully as they tell your story! I want to visualize your journey together. I’ll help you create an album that will be full of memories. You’ll laugh, cry, and chuckle as your images transport you back to a time that means the most. Love is Love! Start your exciting journey together by taking images that really evoke great memories of your life before marriage. Maybe you remember your first date. Maybe something funny happened when you first met each other. Maybe you met online. This is a time to document those memories by recreating them. Your images will always remind you of your past and help guide you through your future. 

Family Portrait Experience

packages starting at $399

Family sessions are a great way to make memories, document changes over time, and capture fleeting moments. These can and should be annual events and are hardly ever a bad idea. Plan a quick staged family shoot in the park or a documentarian style family session of an important event. No idea is too small or big when it comes to preserving your family moments.

Robert, Charlie, and Pia. Family Portrait

Robert, Charlie, and Pia. Family Portrait

Spiritual Healer, Taken on assignment in South Africa

Spiritual Healer, Taken on assignment in South Africa


Commission Assignments

contact about rates

Whether its content creation or your organization needs an assignment photographer, I am equipped and qualified to handle both. I’ve been honored to create amazing content, both stills and video, for Photographers Without Borders, Bust Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Restoration Art Plaza, and more. Interested in collaborating, contact me and lets see how we can get the best images for your brand.

Analog Portrait Experience

packages starting at $699

Not only do film and analog cameras provide a different output medium and aesthetic, but it also requires an entirely different process and skill. The differences between the way film and digital sensors capture light and an image is significant. Analog methods require considerably more decision making before a photographer even sits at the camera and post-production is more costly. However, the artistic advantages of producing unique, distinct, unforgettable images that capture attention and assert sophistication are well worth the expense. Consider this the royal treatment of photography.

LaQuan Lewis, Actor, Dancer, Screenwriter

LaQuan Lewis, Actor, Dancer, Screenwriter


I believe that because of Damari’s love and appreciation for creativity his work reflects it. A lot of my favorite photos of myself were photographed by Damari. I see myself working with him regularly. He is defiantly a collaborative photographer and I personally appreciate that.  A word I would use to describe the photo shoots Damari and I have would be “fluid” we go off of what feels right.

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